Contact & Consultants

Fredrik Eklöf

Kichisaga Leadership AB
von Lingens väg 17, 213 70 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: +46 708 85 91 71

Andreas Bhagwani
Kichisaga Leadership AB
Love Almqvists väg 15, SE-191 44 Sollentuna, Sweden
Phone: +46 703 16 17 02

Kichisaga is founded and led by management consultants Fredrik Eklöf and Andreas Bhagwani. With experience as managers and leaders, the duo began working together in 2009, and has since developed several concepts for greater equality, greater diversity and more efficient management in large organizations.

Fredrik and Andreas are two of the few experts in the world to get white middle-aged men to enthusiastically commit to gender equality and diversity. They have worked together with managers and employees in areas such as Volvo, Skanska, Swedbank, Swedish Customs, the National Property Board and Boliden Minera.

fredrik_eklof_22Fredrik Eklöf,
partner and consultant

Fredrik was planning to become a professor of the History of Ideas and Sciences, but realized he could achieve much more outside the university world. Today, he has decades of experience in training people from all parts of society and the world. He is also a social entrepreneur and engaged in a number of compounds.

For his most exciting merit Fredrik counts having trained human rights lawyers from across Africa on gender and incorporated racism. And successfully, lying in the fetal position with a herniated disc, leading a three-day internat with high bank managers.

andreas_bhagwani_22Andreas Bhagwan,
partner and consultant

Andreas is a former paratrooper, environmentalist and student at the School of Economics. These experiences, he has successfully combined management consultant – and now as CEO of Nanologica.


Consultants in our network

To provide maximum benefit to our customers, we have a network of selected partners. We work with consultants, researchers and media producers. The researchers are leaders in leadership, organization, gender and / or diversity. Media producers make very attractive productions and can work on multiple platforms.

The consultants in our network are either experts in a matter of fact, or have great experience in managing difficult / delicate processes in groups. All driven to an initialized commitment to diversity, equality and greater business value.