What others say about us

Measurable results – 20% increase in leadership index

During a year kichisaga implemented leadership development efforts for all managers in a part of a concern After boot camp, a first boarding school in three days with the management team, experienced the big advantage of the program that they decided to buy our sequel, Reality Check and Booster 2 days each, and let all the managers below them get the corresponding program.

Leadership index _increased approximately 20 procent during the year when these actions were carried out . The proportion of female managers in the management group increased from 17% to 50%. Persons in the management team’s proximity testify that the group now has a much higher ceiling. He says that they have much more fun at work.

All parts of the organization has increased its earnings significantly.

Said about us

This was sent by an employee of a customer to us when she returned to her workplace after maternity leave:

“The gender project for the management team that you are carrying out with us. […] Oohweee the changes that have occurred after that I went on maternity leave at Easter. What I mainly think of is the attitude to maternity leave, mothers who need to retrieve children / work part-time.

In addition to this, there has been demotions of managers who may not have done their best for us women ? and that those less successful managers have been replaced by a large number of women. If it is you who have managed to get my management team to make these changes, I just want to say THANK YOU!”

Individuals became a group

We worked for two boardings with a group of managers deployed on international sites. Their manager, who himself took part, wanted to get them to belong to the group, begin to learn from each other and see more of the joint than to their own workplace.

“Four months ago, I had just a collection managers who met occasionally. Now I have a management team.”

She also wanted individuals in the group to land in the major decisions that affected their work. They have done it now. One of the most successful leaders were about to leave the company, but decided to stay and instead takes even more responsibility. Another has managed to reduce their stress level to a sustainable level.

Heads of management:

“This experience has changed me personally in so many ways. I realized that I too was affected by prejudice and that made me look down on people. Now I see that people value different things – and that’s OK. In our workshops, we talked about our own experiences of masculinity, leadership and being the boss. We gave each other very much feedback. It was an eye-opener to understand how others perceived me during all these years, and what effect my style had on people.

It is so clear to me now – I got people to feel uncomfortable. I was seen as a macho guy, with lots of power attributes. I always kept a distance and showed up a facade, never talked about personal stuff at work. I never admitted any weaknesses. People – especially those who reported directly to me – was never relaxed around me. And I did not even notice.”