What we do and why

Connecting gender equality and diversity to other goals

More and more studies, reports and research shows that equality and diversity generates profitability and success in organizations. Still, those who are aware of this issue experience that change is happening too slowly.

You have probably made several efforts to increase and develop diversity and equality in your organization, but there are still few women getting top positions and foreigners often get excluded. Why?

Women and so-called foreigners are more avare of this issue. But equality is just as much about what we men do and don’t do. Therefore, we specialize in educating the ”white middle-aged man” in leadership, and increasing their awareness of gender equality and diversity.
A second key factor when we work with organizations is to link gender equality to critical business goals and involve managers. More and more large companies want to increase the percentage of women in high positions, not because the law requires a gender equality plan, but because they believe that they miss important talent.