What we offer

Kichisaga has long experience in promoting the importance of gender equality and diversity within organizations. We know what’s needed to make co-workers and managers see the value of equality; that’s when change starts to happen.



We are frequently hired to talk about gender equality and diversity related to leadership and organizational development.

We provide lectures in the following subjects:
– Do we need more equality in the worlds most equal country?
– How do you pursue gender equality in your organisation?
– Are you ready to lead everyone in your workplace?
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Leadership development

A challenge in the development of sustainable leadership is to balance specialist knowledge and detailed control with leadership and overall vision.
Most managers have had a lot of specialist training, but lack the necessary skills they need to become a good leader.
Our program gives you both theoretical insights as well as practical leadership development. This includes giving constructive feedback, having difficult conversations with co-workers, encouraging involvement and exercising authority with a norm-critical perspective. So that even white men value the importance of gender equality and diversity.

Consultation and advice

We provide education, consultation and advice on:
– Leadership and gender equality for management teams.
– Difficult conversations with co-workers.
– To lead in times of change.
– What it means to belong to the norm or to be different in the context of gender equlality.

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