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What do you stand to win by gender equality and diversity?

We all run lives and businesses that are limited by gender inequality and lack of diversity.

Kichisaga Leadership – management consultants and trainers dedicated to turning women, men and whole organizations into keen proponents for gender equality and women’s rights, and to making white people effective advocates for an inclusive, diverse working environment.

Kichisaga takes the guilt and blame game out of issues like racism
and sexism. We are all in this together. We have all been trained
and conditioned to uphold discriminatory practices that we need to be addressed if we want to unleash the full potential of people, companies and ourselves. These practices are not anyone’s fault – but we can all take responsibility for changing it. And we will all benefit from doing so.

Kichisaga’s Trainers

Men need to understand what’s in it for them when it comes to
gender equality. Caucasians and other dominant groups need
to understand what they stand to win from greater diversity in
their lives.

Kichisaga’s senior consultants Andreas Bhagwani and Fredrik Eklöf uses their own positions as middle-aged men to get others to reflect upon themselves and the people around them.

Bank Managers, Mine Workers & Fire Fighters

Kichisaga’s consultants has experience training many different kinds of groups in gender equality and diversity: managers, mine workers, fire fighters, and many more.

As seen on

Fredrik Eklöf from Kichisaga was the first male key note speaker for 19 years at the Swedish event Most Powerful Woman in Business, Näringslivets mäktigaste kvinna. Fredrik Eklöf and Andreas Bhagwani, were also the second and third male key note speaker at the event.

With the app GenderTimer, Kichisaga caused national and international attention around the limited representation of women in media. Kichisaga
prides themselves of having promoted gender equality issues on Fox News.


Kichisaga has worked a number of major corporations and government organisations, inkluding Swedbank, LKAB, SBAB and Skanska.

We have trained Skanska’s diversity managers from around the world, and safety officers in Sweden.
For SBAB, we have done in-depth trainings with their management team, as well as staff and managers on all levels.
In Swedbank, we have trained management teams on all levels, including Group Executive Committee, under a CEO that was rated one of the world’s top 10 effective CEOs.
For LKAB, one of the world’s largest orebodies, we trained manangers and staff.

Speaking & Training Topics

Kichisaga’s trainers speak on a number of topics.

Leadership, Diversity & Gender Equality

• Are you ready to lead them all?
• Male Jargon – how to stop it
• Leader vs Specialist
• How You Make Your Organization More Diverse & Gender Equal

Gender Equality

• Do we need more gender equality in the world’s most gender equal country?
• Why You Are Better at Seeing Men’s Potential than Women’s
• The Unaware Bias that Runs You & Your Organization Leadership
• Management team training
• Personal leadership skills
• Group leadership skills
• Team efficiency
• Culture Revolution within your organization

Emotional Intelligence & Mental Wellbeing

• Emotional Freedom
• Emotional Fitness
• Emotional Listening Skills
• The Road to Self-Mastery
• Daily Stress Relief
• Arranging Listening Support for Yourself
• Being Listening Support for Others

How We Operate

Kichisaga Mastermind – Network Group

Our latest service is the Kichisaga Mastermind, for people who already know that we need more gender equality, and that we need to get us men to assume our part of the responsibility.

For senior managers and CEOs, we have a Mastermind starting February 2019. Check out the presentation and see if you fit the criteria.

Leadership & Gender Workshops – extensive

Overnight workshops making top level management
team members trust each other in ways they didn’t think
were possible. Kichisaga instills higher self-awareness, more commitment and a new level of trust and team efficiency.

Workshop results: sharper decision-making, less stress, better
team ethos, and a solid toolkit for life and business.

Jargon & Masculinity Norms – Identifying & Overcoming Them

Workshop that transform jargon and acceptance of jargon at the workplace. Let Fredrik Eklöf deactivate the bystander bias in your organization (“Someone else really should do something about this jargon/ attitude/ unawareness”), so you can create a proactive, inclusive atmosphere.


Kichisaga provides gender coaching for people wanting to raise their awareness, and #MeToo coaching for people who have stepped over the line, or think that they did.

Book your session here.


I can warmly recommend Kichisaga.
I have worked closely with Andreas and Fredrik in four different management teams. Two times as the manager of the team, and two times as a participant in my manager’s team.

We left each overnight workshop, as a stronger management team, more tightly knit together, strongly motivated and with renewed set of shared values. More knowledgeable about what brings us together as individuals and teams.

Kichisaga’s gender perspective is an interesting angle that promotes the awareness level and raises our level of knowledge. The insights around leadership are what really brings us together. 

Andreas and Fredrik complement each other in a way that drives the process forward for the group at hand. I would happily be mangled by them a fifth time, should I get the opportunity. Each time, I have learned something new about myself and my leadership.

Angelique Angervall, Swedbank

Fredrik does an outstanding job of facilitating a very profound and significant professional workshop. He is quite engaging and produces successful outcomes with his clients.

James Threalkill, Skanska
Kichisaga Leadership

+46-708-85 91 71

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